"If one has no vanity in this life of ours, there is no sufficent reason
for living." Leo Tolstoy

Monday, May 10, 2010

Banker Behavior

London Bankers Celebrate Election Bet With Cristal!
By Bess Levin(dealbreaker.com)

Friday night, a bunch of chippies patted themselves on the back for successfully predicting the outcome of the British elections (and winning an undisclosed sum) by spending £60,117.40 on drinks at London nightclub Merah. They started with the most expensive bottle of champagne (a “Methuselah of vintage Cristal at £36,000″), which, not surprisingly, garnered them some fans.

A source at the nightclub said: “They had made a small fortune on the outcome of the election, correctly guessing the results in constituencies over quite a large spread.”

“The guys were in their mid-forties and had come straight from work as they still had their suits on. When the Methuselah was delivered to their table, the music was stopped and the group were chanting, ‘Down with Brown, down with Brown’.” They followed it up with a Jeroboam of Cristal at £5,000 and a Methuselah of Dom Perignon, which was £9,000. “When their champagne arrived the whole club stood still – each bottle was delivered to the table with sparklers sticking out of the top. They were surrounded by about 20 women all night. They were very popular boys by the time they called it a night at 3am. Needless to say, their spending attracted quite a few girls who helped them through all the drinks. Below is the actual bill from the evening.

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