"If one has no vanity in this life of ours, there is no sufficent reason
for living." Leo Tolstoy

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Kobe VI x Nick Davis

With the craze of customization growing, your very own Nick Davis has designed two pair of limited edition Kobe VI's. Both pair can be found for sale on www.nikeid.com for around $200.00 with shipping and handling. The first pair was inspired by "Socially Inclined" and the second was inspired by the philosophy of "Feng Shui".

Monday, December 27, 2010

"Red Wing Boot Gang"

"F#$k that old sh!t i'm on new thangs, O.v.O Clique, Red Wing Boot Gang!"

Reebok Easy-tone Sneakers

Reebok puts a huge emphasis on toning women's glutes. It makes you wonder, are they really trying to sell shoes or.............

British Brands > Other Brands

Barclays Capital

Aston Martin

Land Rover


Thomas Pink

Are British brands really superior to the rest of the world?

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Aston Martin Truck?

Should Aston Martin really make trucks?

Perks of Being a Victoria Secret Model


Pretty Dope: Nicki Minaj

While her "ASSETS" get plenty of attention, her song writting ability is pretty superb.

Dedication: Wiz Khalifa

Talent Comes In Many Forms!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Aston Martin Music

Lauren Conrad: Audi R8

It appears women do know a little something about cars!

Girls Night Out!!!!

Reasons Women Have Girls Night Out (GNO)
1. Celebration; BDAY, New Job, Baccalaureate Party
2. Mingle with guys,superstars, athletes.......
3. Get drunk
4. Unwind/release some stress
5. Find a boyfriend/husband!
6. Find a girlfriend!
7. Because their boyfriend/husband went out
8. Bored/nothing else to do
9. It's the weekend/holiday
10.Friends in town


Barack Obama, the national leader has a huge network of friends just like many people. However, his network of people happens to be considered some very powerful political players. Some of his close friends include; Alexi Giannoulias, Rahm Manuel, Tim Geithner and Ben Bernanke.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

London Finance District

London's vast urban area is often described using a set of district names, such as Bloomsbury, Mayfair, Wembley and Whitechapel. These are either informal designations, reflect the names of villages that have been absorbed by sprawl, or are superseded administrative units such as parishes or former boroughs.

Such names have remained in use through tradition, each referring to a local area with its own distinctive character, but without current official boundaries. Since 1965 Greater London has been divided into 32 London boroughs in addition to the ancient City of London.The City of London is the main financial district and Canary Wharf has recently developed into a new financial and commercial hub, in the Docklands to the east.

The West End is London's main entertainment and shopping district, attracting tourists.West London includes expensive residential areas where properties can sell for tens of millions of pounds.The average price for properties in Kensington and Chelsea is £894,000 with similar average outlay in most of Central London.

The East End is the area closest to the original Port of London, known for its high immigrant population, as well as for being one of the poorest areas in London. The surrounding East London area saw much of London's early industrial development; now, brownfield sites throughout the area are being redeveloped as part of the Thames Gateway including the London Riverside and Lower Lea Valley, which is being developed into the Olympic Park for the 2012 Olympics.

Shower Mystique

There is a certain mystique that women carry. That mystique seems to be multiplied whenever they are in or coming right out of the shower. Clothes are great but a women wearing only a towel is indescribable.

Corduroy Boy!!!!!

The circle of clothes always comes around, corduroy made popular in the 70's is now feasible again. Wear at your discretion.