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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Workplace Affairs

Affairs in the workplace by married people that engage in infidelity find that the workplace or office setting has become a prime meeting place. The work environment allows the people to begin to know one another. Their workplace provides the perfect cover for interaction through travel, longer work hours and company functions to help nurture the workplace affair along. This unavoidable contact and interaction of a coed workplace for some cheaters find that their friendship turned into more than a business relationship. Often, the cheaters attempt to rationalize the relationship by thinking that they did not realize how far things have gotten until sex became a part of the relationship. Workplace cheaters often try to rationalize their actions by believing that it is common in the organization or that it is acceptable in today's society.

Many workplace affairs start out as casual friendships that develop over time. These friendships/Cheating Workers usually become very strong and start to have emotional ties. A common theme for the development of an affair in the workplace is that they feel that the co-worker understands them better than their spouse. They are free to discuss their problems with the co-worker, who in turn provides them with comfort and understanding. The co-worker can empathize with them and provides the comfort that they would not feel at home. This type of interaction makes the other co-worker even more appealing.

Workplace affairs can have devastating effects. It is not uncommon now days to turn on the television or read the newspaper and hear of stories involving affairs in the workplace. According to statistics, 46% of unfaithful wives and 62% of unfaithful husbands have had affairs with someone in the workplace. Other statistics report that about 80% of men and women have fantasies about other co-workers. Christmas parties, Valentines day, picnics and other company functions provide opportunities to discover if a workplace affair is taking place.

Business relationships can prosper when a cheating spouse has the opportunity to travel regularly for business. When the cheating spouse travels with his co-worker, they are given an opportunity for indiscretion that they feel will not be detectable. They are far from home and other workers and usually are able to let their inhibitions and guard down. The cheaters have found themselves on an all expense paid trip where they can enjoy the sights and meals together. If the spouse attends a convention or out of town business meeting, this provides them the perfect opportunity to meet someone at the location or find someone to have a quick affair with. Just look at your local phone book, many escort services are advertised there. Also, cheaters have an opportunity to look for prostitutes while on business trips.

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