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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Final Club

There are currently eight all-male clubs at Harvard:

A.D. (1 Plympton St.)
Owl (30 Holyoke St.)
Delphic (known as "the Gas") (9 Linden St)
Fly (2 Holyoke Pl.)
Fox (44 John F. Kennedy St.)
Phoenix-SK (72 Mt Auburn St)
Porcellian - sometimes called the 'Porc' or the 'P.C.' (1324 Mass Ave)
Spee[3] (76 Mt Auburn St).

All were established a century or more ago. There are other private male social clubs at Harvard that do not own property but participate in similar functions as the final clubs. Five all-female social clubs, which are in some ways comparable to the male final clubs, have been founded more recently and are called the Bee, the Isis, La Vie, the Sabliere Society, and the Pleiades Society. Another women's organization, the Seneca distinguishes itself as "a nonprofit women's organization that is often misidentified as a final club," but other clubs are also organizations that also engage in some community service. The Bee was founded in 1991; The Seneca in 1999; Isis in 2000; Pleiades in 2002; Sabliere in 2002; and La Vie in 2008

Male final clubs have long been a point of controversy at Harvard because of their implicit elitism. They do not allow women as members, and some clubs have historical traditions that make them more of a reflection of Harvard's predominantly white, trust-fund wealthy, Protestant past than its present.In recent years, many of the clubs have grown increasingly diverse to include men of other races.

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