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for living." Leo Tolstoy

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

JP Morgan CHASE CEO: Jamie Dimon

James L. "Jamie" Dimon (born March 13, 1956) is the current CEO and chairman of JPMorgan Chase & Co as well as a Class A director of the Board of Directors of the New York Federal Reserve, a three year term which started January 2007. Dimon was named to Time Magazine′s 2006, 2008 and 2009 lists of the world's 100 most influential people.

James "Jamie" Dimon was born in New York City, to Theodore and Themis Dimon, and attended Browning School. His grandfather, a Greek immigrant from Asia Minor, was a broker and passed on his knowledge of the business to his son and partner, Theodore. They worked together for 19 years, and Jamie held summer jobs at their New York office. Later, he majored in psychology and economics at Tufts University, before earning an M.B.A. degree from Harvard Business School along with classmates Jeffrey Immelt and Seth Klarman. Upon his graduation in 1982, Sandy Weill convinced him to turn down offers from Goldman Sachs, where he worked the previous summer, and Morgan Stanley to join him as an assistant at American Express. In 1994 he was inducted into the Browning School's Athletic Hall of Fame.

Jamie Dimon, the banking executive who now heads New York–based JP Morgan Chase, has cut 11 percent off the asking price of the 26-room Gold Coast mansion where he lived while he ran Bank One. Originally listed at $13.5 million, the house now has a price tag of $12 million

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