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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Edrop-off Express Owner

Enter Corri McFadden, entrepreneur extraordinare and founder of E Drop-Off Express, a consignment biz selling luxury goods from well-heeled women all over the globe. A member of Pesa, Square Trade, and eBay's elite Power Seller Program, E-drop-off strives to achieve a higher return on your selling experience—and that goes for your buying experience as well.

One of the key elements that makes E Drop-off so successful, is their emphasis on the authenticity. Beyond a general passion for fashion, McFadden graduated from the International Academy of Design and Technology with a Bachelor in Fashion Design, so she has more than a few copies of Vogue backing her up. We caught up with her to learn the steps her business takes to ensure authenticity before listing on eBay.

1. Check labels: First we check all labels on the handbag to ensure that they match exactly the standards of the trademark holder.

2. Check overall construction: Inauthentic handbags will have flimsy construction and the quality will not match that of an authentic handbag.

3. Check material: Next, we check to make sure that the fabrication-inside and out- is correct. We make sure that the leather is genuine and that the proper lining matches the body of the particular style.

4. Check zippers: The next step is to check for appropriately stamped and branded zippers. Inauthentic handbags will not use proper zipper pulls.

5. Check lining: Each style of handbag will have a specific lining used. We check the markings, pattern and materials of lining and ensure that they are the proper match for the particular style of handbag.

6. Check authentication marks: Most designer handbags will have their own mark of authenticity. It may be a hologram, heat stamp or date code.
We check to ensure that it is correct and ensure proper placement of it in bag.

Check out the new E Drop-Off opening June 25, 2117 N. Halsted St.

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